Bighorn sheep near Darby, MT dying of pneumonia

Two dead bighorns could be a big threat to East Fork Bitterroot Herd-

The article says they have no knowledge that these bighorn encountered domestic sheep, but there are “isolated herds in the area.”

Dying bighorn sheep. Herd to be culled. By Perry Backus.  Ravalli Republic

This is a large and successful bighorn herd.

4 Responses to “Bighorn sheep near Darby, MT dying of pneumonia”

  1. Ryan Says:

    God Damnit, this is a shame.

  2. hilljack Says:

    To bad, hate to see this happening. They where quick to point out no known contact with domestic. Most likely they did come in contact at some point.

  3. Save bears Says:

    I have done work in the Darby area over the years, and I don’t remember seeing much in the way of domestic sheep.. I do agree it is a shame they have become infected…

  4. Larry Zuckerman Says:

    I have seen members of this herd numerous times off Hwy 93 between Sula and Darby, including several trophy rams. This is terrible! There is a follow-up story in the Ravalli Republic from today (12-1-2009) at:

    Apparently, the infection has worsened and there are more sick and dying sheep. I don’t remember seeing domestic sheep nearby, but there certainly might be. However, in the next drainage in the Big Hole, I have seen several large flocks of domestic sheep, and in one case, devastation of a stream and its riparian area – nothing else to eat!

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