Scientists zero in on reason for mammoths’ demise

It wasn’t climate change, asteroid impact, or habitat change. Human hunting was maybe a factor-

Why did the giant bison, mammoth, mastadon, giant ground sloth, etc. disappear so quickly? There are a number of hypotheses. This article describes some progress.

Dung Fungus Provides New Evidence in Mammoth Extinction. By Betsy Mason. Wired Magazine

If it was human induced, the evidence says it must have people before the relatively sophisticated Clovis culture.

Idaho Fish and Game Commission votes to extend wolf hunt until March 31

Commission votes to extend the hunt through all of the winter into the spring !!

Zones will have to reach quota before being closed. The three closed zones won’t be reopened.

Idaho Fish and Game extends wolf hunting season. Idaho Statesman staff.

Interestingly, not-wolf-friendly Magic Valley Times News just had an editorial asking them not to do this. Don’t fuel the fire: End wolf hunting season Dec. 31. The editorial says “Fish and Game should treat wolves the same as any other big game. Pursuing animals when they are stressed by winter is not the Idaho way.” It may not be the Idaho, but it is the way of this motley crew of political cronies of the governor.

This may be for the best. It should help Judge Molloy make his decision.

Judge Molloy rejects feds request to reconsider his relisting of the Yellowstone area grizzly bear

So feds, live with it and start protecting the bear’s habitat better-

link fixed! Judge keeps Yellowstone grizzly on threatened list. AP

Interior Board rejects all appeals to BLM travel plan in SW Montana

New rules governing use of vehicles on BLM land will now go into effect-

I’m not familiar with the details of vehicle use in this area, but it sounds like all sides appealed, although probably more on the off-roaders side.

Travel plans, once relatively non-controversial documents, have become major public land controversies almost everywhere in the last 15 or so years.

Interior Board of Land Appeals upholds travel plan in Butte area. By Nick Gevock. Montana Standard.