Canada’s boreal forest top-rated carbon warehouse

The Carbon the World Forgot — the boreal forest-

“The boreal forest stores more carbon than any land-based ecosystem on the planet, according to a new report that says the Amazon is no match for Canada’s boggy bush.”

It turns out that a major reason is all peat under the trees. Too many carbon sequestration analyses only look at the vegetation above the ground, maybe not even the roots, and certainly not the soil. Very serious errors of policy will be made unless the entire structure of the land from bedrock to the tallest vegetation is not taken into account.

Story: Canada’s boreal forest top-rated carbon warehouse. By Margaret Munro, Canwest News Service.

Info on Idaho wolf hunt

This was prepared for the Idaho Fish and Game Commission meeting to be held Nov. 18-

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We urge folks to attend this meeting. They are already making plans for next year’s hunt, including changes. Seems a bit premature to us. Apparently they feel they do not need more data from the on-going hunt.

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Meeting Date: November 18, 2009 Agenda Item No. 11
Agenda Item: Wolf/Grizzly Bear Update, wolf harvest
limits update/direction

Approved by: Prepared by: Jon Rachael and Jeff Gould for Jim Unsworth

At the August 2009 Commission meeting, the Commission established a statewide harvest limit
of 220 wolves and individual harvest limits for 12 wolf management zones and directed staff to
provide an update for their review in November (attached). Overall, the regulatory mechanisms
are operating well and the information outreach has been effective.
Wolf hunts opened September 1 in the Lolo and Sawtooth wolf management zones, September 15
in the Middle Fork and Selway wolf management zones, and throughout the rest of the state on
October 1. The greatest spike in harvest occurred during the 3-day opening weekend of deer
season, October 10-12.
As of October 28, total documented mortality from all causes (harvest, lethal removal of
depredating wolves, illegal take, natural, and unknown causes) has been lowest in the Salmon,
Selway, Lolo, Panhandle, and Palouse wolf management zones (<10%). These zones have all had
very-low to no lethal wolf removal for depredation control and low hunter harvest.

The Commission will be provided with a current update of total mortality by zone at the commission meeting. Read the rest of this entry »

New Web site launched to track wildlife along Interstate 70 in Colorado

Wildlife is the third most common reason for crashes on I-70-

Story 1. New Web site launched to track wildlife along Interstate 70. Sky Hi Daily News.
Story 2. Colorado officials and advocates conserving wildlife by stopping roadkill. By Caroline Griesel. Examiner

How many readers have hit large animals? Maybe I should ask how many haven’t?