French Male [grizzly] Bears In Immediate Need Of More Females

The small population may be the cause of its own collapse without more females . . . STAT-

There aren’t many French brown [ursus arctos] bears left. What are have a badly distorted ratio in favor of males.  This might be the result of chance, the result of inbreeding, or male bears competing with each other by killing females’ cubs, but the only solution seems to be a quick trans-location of female bears into France.

French Male Bears In Immediate Need Of More Females. ScienceDaily.

Another grizzly found clawless

Poached bear found on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of the Rocky Mountain Front-

Another grizzly found clawless. By Karl Puckett. Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer

Just for reference. This bear was part of the Northern Continental Divide ecosystem grizzly bear population, the largest grizzly population in the lower 48 states (more bears than greater Yellowstone).