Boa constrictors, anacondas and pythons — slither wild in southern Florida.

Warming climate means these escaped exotics will likely populate northward-

With all the escaped animals from all over the tropics finding a home in Florida, things are getting exciting. Studies show some large snakes could survive as far north as Oregon.

Giant snakes warming to U.S. climes. By Janet Raloff . Science News.

5 Responses to “Boa constrictors, anacondas and pythons — slither wild in southern Florida.”

  1. JimT Says:

    Put this squarely at the feet of the authorities who allow exotics to be sold as pets in the first place. Amphibians, birds, turtles, reptiles, cats…

    Should be banned. Period. I don’t want to hear any whining about “I can’t make a living”, or” but they are so cute.” They don’t belong anywhere but in their native habitats

    In some ways, the situation in Florida, and eventually the southeast as it continues to warm, is a prime example of nature biting man in the ass for screwing with it. I am not happy, however, about the potential for disaster for native prey species as the snakes breed successfully.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Actually I’m waiting for the first debate over where to shoot if a python grabs you. 😉

  3. Save bears Says:

    Anybody for “Snake Spray”


  4. monty Says:

    On C Span one of the senators from Florida spoke about this issue. In part he said that the latest estimate from the national park service is that there may be 150,000 exotic snakes loose in southern florida. A couple of years ago on the David Letterman show a 23 foot long 325 pound Burmeise python was exhibited….this is the major snake that is loose in Florida as it is the pet of choice for snake lovers. The only thing this snake can’t eat is a 400 pound alligator. Alligators are probaly eating many of the younger snakes before they get too large. It is beyond logic as to irresponsiblity of the fools who turned these snakes loose after they grew to large to keep as pets!!!!!

  5. Jay Says:

    Jim T., can I add to your list of banned “pets” mountain lions, bobcats, wolves, etc.?

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