Boa constrictors, anacondas and pythons — slither wild in southern Florida.

Warming climate means these escaped exotics will likely populate northward-

With all the escaped animals from all over the tropics finding a home in Florida, things are getting exciting. Studies show some large snakes could survive as far north as Oregon.

Giant snakes warming to U.S. climes. By Janet Raloff . Science News.

Mule deer gores Colorado woman

Motorist saves woman as she was being stomped by the buck-

Florissant, Colorado area deer gores woman who tried to pet it. By Daniel Petty. The Denver Post

Montana wolf-hunt quota could change after 9 shot near Yellowstone

The remaining quota might be adjusted or other changes made-

Montana wolf-hunt quota could change after 9 shot near Yellowstone. By Matthew Brown. AP

Teton Dam now less likely to be rebuilt

Like the undead, there was movement to rebuild the disastrous Teton Dam in Eastern Idaho. Maybe now it will stop-

Idaho Department of Water Resources director, a big supporter of rebuilding the Teton Dam, retires. Salt Lake Tribune

If you are not old enough to have heard of, or remember the Teton Dam, here is the Wikipedia article.


A few years after the Teton Dam collapsed this sarcastic t-shirt made the rounds in Eastern Idaho as some fools started talking about rebuilding it. As you can see, I wore mine quite a bit. Ralph Maughan

UI questions prof’s attendance at bighorn meeting

I’ve been traveling for the last week but while I was in Nevada I was contacted by John Miller about this story.

On September 29th the meetings of the Bighorn Sheep/Domestic Sheep Advisory Board restarted after a several month hiatus.  They will continue to meet into the future.

UI questions prof’s attendance at bighorn meeting
John Miller – Associated Press

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In past about Bulgin. Story June 17,2009. Univ. of Idaho puts Marie Bulgin on Leave during course of bighorn investigation