Cow flop? No, an unusual fungus

Out walking in cow country in the mountains above Pocatello, ID the other day, I came across this large fungus. Does anyone know what it is?


In the Bannock Mountains. SE Idaho. Copyright Ralph Maughan. Oct. 2009

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  1. Barb Rupers Says:

    It may be Phaeolus schweinitzii on page 462 of David Aurora’s Mushrooms Demystified first edition; page 570 2nd edition.

  2. paulWTAMU Says:

    That thing is disgusting looking.

  3. Barb Rupers Says:

    It may be listed in older books as Polyporous schweinitzii. A common name is dyer’s polypore and another red-brown butt rot because of the type of rot it causes in conifers. Another Arora book “All That the Rain Promises and More . . .” shows a border collie (?) with her chest dyed yellow by mushroom mush; she looks quite pleased with the results!

  4. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Yes, Barb, by looking at other photos on the web, it looks like a polyporous. It wasn’t growing under a conifer, though. Some very large Douglas fir were not too far away and their roots probably extended as far as the location of this.

  5. Barb Rupers Says:

    Ralph, check out the pretty picture of hair pieces dyed by the mushroom under discussion. I couldn’t find a picture of the cute collie. “Tom Volk and Dorothy Beebee modelling the latest in Phaeolus schweinitzii hairpieces!”

  6. timz Says:

    Can you sautee that and put in on a steak?

  7. Save bears Says:

    Anybody that could eat a steak that big, deserves to die from blocked arteries!


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