What happens to ranchers’ pet cows – not for faint-hearted

I found this shocking piece on the Yellowstone Net forum-

Here it is. You have been warned.

Obama’s Environmental Policies Reflect Bush

Obama’s environmental policies reflect Bush’s. By John H. Weis. Op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune

My opinion. Ralph Maughan. Obama is interesting in abating climate change and some high profile issues, but as we have complained many times he doesn’t seem to have any feeling for the public lands of the West, except maybe for the national parks. In that, he is a typical American who doesn’t live in the West. He might not even understand what the BLM is. I think he’s a smart man, but with a big hole in his knowledge.

Into the Wild

Camping deep in Yellowstone Park’s backcountry-

Although titled after the movie about the young man who perished in Alaska’s Wilderness, this feature is by a man who ventured into the Park’s deep backcountry. For those of us who have done this multiple times, such as myself, this is hardly extraordinary, but for those who haven’t the account may be quite interesting.

Into the Wild. By William Powers. Special to The Washington Post

Cow flop? No, an unusual fungus

Out walking in cow country in the mountains above Pocatello, ID the other day, I came across this large fungus. Does anyone know what it is?


In the Bannock Mountains. SE Idaho. Copyright Ralph Maughan. Oct. 2009

Wildlife advocates irked by wolf tally next to Yellowstone

More reaction on the “unexpectedly” large number of wolf hunt kills next to Yellowstone Park-

Wildlife advocates irked by wolf tally. By Daniel Person. Bozeman Chronicle.