Sheep growers get a permanent disaster fund

Some folks certainly get a lot of helpings at the old government dinner table-

Here’s the obscure news release on what seems to me an incredible program. I wonder which members of Congress were behind slipping this into the 2008 (the last Congress) Farm Bill?

4 Responses to “Sheep growers get a permanent disaster fund”

  1. kt Says:

    You know, the domestic sheeeeeep industry is like a huge vacuum cleaner – just sucking in subsidies. SSSSHHHHEEEP.

    Whining and wailing and unable to stand on their own two feet.

    Runnin’ to that danged federal guvmint for help – all while trumpeting hatred for the guvmint.

    What a farce! In a country where many folks are really hurting, the Picketts and the Carlsons and Soulens and the Peaveys and the elite few other destroyers of public lands just get our tax dollars doled out to them right and left. And the welfare cases include Butch Otter’s own University of Idaho herd that is reponsible for the death of MANY wolves at the Dubois Sheep Experiment Station – and likely on the public lands grazing allotments the “experimental” sheep trash, too …

    Speakingof the U of I – How’s that Mary Bulgin investigation going? WHO is doing the investigation? Stan Boyd the Woolgrower land canned elk obbyist?

  2. JW Says:

    Yet these people undoubtedly vote a certain way (not to get to political) for the feeling of independence and not voting for welfare programs for other people…

  3. Larry Thorngren Says:

    I could understand how these woolgrowers got subsidies for playing “Run Sheepy Run” with Larry Craig. But who is “it” today? Are there some more of our senators hiding a “wide stance”?

  4. Jeff N. Says:

    Thank you Larry……I just spit a mouthful of Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

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