Arizona Republican senators fight Arizona’s Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva on closing the Arizona Strip to uranium mining

Followup to Obama’s move to temporarily delay mining claims on a million scenic acres is shaping up into a major battle-

Mine ban at Canyon may fuel new fight By Shaun McKinnon and Erin Kelly.

Polls show the state’s residents support the general position of Grijalva.

The Arizona Strip is a vast area of mostly BLM lands north of the Grand Canyon and south of the Utah border. Although there are backroads and grazing, it has almost no full time residents.

Feds: Eliminate or re-route Logan Utah’s killer canal

Canal that caused landslide and death can be re-routed only at a high cost-

That this canal failed should hardly have been a surprise. My grandfather, H.C. Hansen was a geologist. He lived underneath the canal on Canyon Road for many years. He died at age 97 back in 1969. One of the things all of us who knew him remember are his many predictions that the canal would eventually cause a big landslide during a wet season and or when a minor earthquake struck. He couldn’t have been the only one who knew even long before local residents of  “the Island” area of Logan began to report cracks.

Feds: Eliminate or re-route Logan’s killer canal. Saying the current location isn’t viable, federal engineers propose two alternatives. By Nate Carlisle. The Salt Lake Tribune.

Perhaps the irrigation water should be abandoned given all the earth movement that will be needed to make it feed into the existing Logan Hyde Park Smithfield canal. There will be a lot of environmental damage near the mouth of Logan Canyon if the “extreme engineering” talked about is carried out.

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