Wild horses thought to create beautiful fields of wildflowers in Pryor Mountains

Unfortunately, the flowers may be the result of overgrazing by the horses-

Wild Horses © Ken Cole

Wild Horses © Ken Cole

This article and its premise may spark a lot of controversy.

Wild horse range pressured by overgrazing. By Brett French. Billings Gazette.

I should add that I have never been to the Pryor Mountains of Montana, which are east of Cody and near the Wyoming border.

Wind power industry and Western States create sage grouse research plan

Like so many other developments in what was  “sagebrush sea,” wind power impacts sage grouse-

I think that to the energy industry and many folks, including most Western politicians, the non-forested open spaces are just empty space where they could put “stuff.” The declining presence of sage grouse, and no doubt other wildlife in the face of this development is slowing down their plans.

Wind energy industry sets sage grouse research plan. By Dustin Bleizeffer. Casper Star-Tribune energy reporter
Just added ! Wildlife groups hail Canadian court ruling on sage-grouse. CBC News.

On dealing with urban coyotes

This is hardly news to us, but coyotes are common in many cities and suburbs nowadays-

As for myself, I’m happy when a coyote wanders through the neighborhood. It (or they) clean out the feral domestic cats.

Controlling wily coyotes? Still no easy answers. By Mark Stark. Associated Press.