Animal kills by Wildlife Services more than double in ’08

Animal kills by federal agency more than double

Associated Press Writer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The number of animals poisoned, shot or snared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture more than doubled last year, and environmentalists who are critical of the killings renewed their effort Tuesday to limit the agency’s funding for such activities.

Gail Kimbell out; Tom Tidwell in as new Forest Service Chief

Appointment of new Forest Service Chief is always important to conservationists-

The Forest Service Chief is appointed and does not have to be ratified by the U.S. Senate, yet he or she exercises great power over the National Forest System.

When Bush appointed Kimbell, there was a lot of complaint from the environmental community.

Tom Tidwell is currently the regional forester of the USFS Northern Region (Montana and Northern Idaho).  He makes the third in a row to move from that office to Chief. Some thought that Harv Forsgren,  Regional Forest for the Intermountain Region, was in line for the job.

Initial reaction as reported by the Associated Press seems favorable.

Career forester named US Forest Service chief. By Matthew Daly. Associated Press.

Below is the USDA news release:

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UI puts Marie Bulgin on Leave during course of bighorn investigation

University of Idaho Statement: Update on Bighorn Sheep Research Investigation – UI Press Release

June 17, 2009

“The University of Idaho continues its thorough investigation into the facts surrounding professor of veterinary medicine Marie Bulgin’s testimony before the Idaho legislature during the 2009 session, and her written statements in federal litigation, relating to transmission of disease between bighorn sheep and domestic sheep.

“The university is committed to integrity and accountability, and takes seriously its responsibility to ensure both. To that end, we are reviewing this case within the framework of all relevant university policies. The institution’s general policies cover issues such as employee conduct, responsibility and accountability.

“To accomplish a complete and timely investigation, and to minimize the impact of the claims and investigation on the research and analysis performed at the Caine Veterinary Teaching Center, the university and Bulgin have agreed that she will take leave from her administrative duties at the Caine Center and will not be involved in research projects on sheep and sheep-related diseases, nor publish or otherwise disseminate research materials regarding sheep or sheep-related diseases pending the outcome of the university’s investigation. This change takes effect immediately.

“Day-to-day Caine Center operation oversight and supervision of research focused on sheep and sheep-related diseases will be reassigned.

“The university’s investigation is dedicated to both ascertaining a complete understanding of the facts and ensuring that the rights of all involved are respected. Under Idaho law, certain personnel information must remain confidential and we will, of course, honor that requirement. We will conduct our investigation in a timely manner and take appropriate actions according to its results.”
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Montana Department of Livestock Captures and Slaughters Three Wild Bull Bison

Buffalo Bull © Ken Cole

Buffalo Bull © Ken Cole

Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Montana Department of Livestock Captures and Slaughters Three Wild Bull Bison


For Immediate Release: June 17, 2009
Press Contact: Mike Mease, 406-646-0070

West Yellowstone, MT: Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) agents captured three bull bison this morning in the Duck Creek bison trap located on private land less than 200 yards from the western border of Yellowstone National Park. The bison were loaded onto a livestock trailer and shipped to a slaughterhouse. They had been grazing peacefully near the Park border for the past several weeks on and around National Forest lands purchased for wildlife habitat.
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