The Three Bears? Try 163,000 … and counting

The Three Bears? Try 163,000 … and counting

ROGER ALFORD, Associated Press Writer

“You’ve got bears moving into areas where people live and you’ve got people moving into areas where bears live,” said Mark Ternent, a state bear biologist in Pennsylvania. “Both of those scenarios frequently involve people with little experience living around bears.”

Ternent said most of the encounters are harmless, ending with the bears running away.

“The average bear is afraid of people,” he said. “If it encounters a person, it would rather flee than fight.”

Boyles said people can prevent unwanted bear encounters by doing simple things like putting bird feeders out of reach of the animals, putting trash out only on the day it is to be picked up, and keeping pet food indoors.

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Really important post filled — BLM Director to be Bob Abbey

News article reports praises from all quarters-

I suspect he is not so popular as the AP* article below indicates. New federal BLM chief nominated.
The Associated Press.

The BLM directorship is not a simple appointment position. Abbey must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate where holds and filibusters increasingly hold sway.

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Has anyone noticed how the Associated Press is becoming more and more important as the newspapers continue their decline? RM

Sheep on public lands drawing renewed attention

Gallatin Wildlife Association challenges sheep grazing in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest to protect bighorn sheep.

This issue is moving swiftly around the west. Sheep grazing in occupied bighorn habitat is being challenged in Montana now as well. The Gallatin Wildlife Association has been a strong advocate for all wildlife in the region.

Sheep on public lands drawing renewed attention
DANIEL PERSON Bozeman Daily Chronicle