Wolf delisting faces new court challenge

Greater Yellowstone Coalition reverses previous position on wolf delisting and files its own suit separate from those filed by the Wolf Coalition and the State of Wyoming.

The suit was filed in Montana. This is the third suit filed over delisting. The first was filed by the Wolf Coalition, which is made up of several environmental groups. The second by the State of Wyoming and livestock groups.

Wolf delisting faces new court challenge
Jackson Hole Daily.

UI prof daughter: Sheep research wasn’t suppressed

Jeanne Bulgin defends Dr. Marie Bulgin

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

Bighorn Sheep © Ken Cole

UI prof daughter: Sheep research wasn’t suppressed
Associated Press

This story raises some obvious questions. The first being, if she knew that her mother Dr. Marie Bulgin was testifying that there was no evidence that domestic sheep diseases were transmitted to bighorn sheep in the wild before Federal judges, the Legislature and the media, why didn’t Jeanne Bulgin tell her mother about the study? Also, how and when was Dr. Marie Bulgin made aware of the study?

This issue isn’t so much about Dr. Marie Bulgin as it is about bighorn sheep. Bighorn sheep are dying because of exposure to domestic sheep. There is no practical way to keep domestic sheep and bighorn sheep separated when domestic sheep inhabit occupied territory of bighorn sheep. The two species cannot coexist. The public lands allotments need to be closed to domestic sheep grazing to prevent contact.  The US Forest Service appears to be ready to do just that but there are three domestic sheep allotments on BLM land in occupied bighorn habitat.  The BLM is refusing to close these allotments even though recent events have made it clear that separation cannot be maintained in occupied habitat.

Does anyone have questions to ask Jeanne Bulgin as it appears that she is commenting on the linked article?

UPDATE: An expanded version of the above article may be found here:
UI Prof’s Daughter: Sheep Research Not Suppressed

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Letter: UI prof’s daughter documented disease link

Dr. Marie Bulgin’s daughter was involved with the unpublished study of the 1994 incidents.

This bighorn sheep was seen persistently coughing.  © Ken Cole

This bighorn sheep was seen persistently coughing. © Ken Cole

“Dr. Bulgin distorts the scientific facts to support her one-sided views as an advocate of the domestic sheep industry,” wrote William Foreyt, a Washington State University professor, in a May 5 letter to the Idaho Senate, which this year passed legislation aimed at helping ranchers.

Letter: UI prof’s daughter documented disease link
John Miller, Associated Press
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Meanwhile, over at the Lewiston Morning Tribune which requires a subscription to read, Dr. Bulgin compares scientist’s feelings about disease transmission between the two species with the public’s fear of autism being caused by vaccinations which has been debunked but people still believe.

USFWS to reconsider the wolverine for protected under endangered species act

Earth Justice scores a victory for the wolverine and the Endangered Species Act-

Administration’s new, cramped view of the ESA that a species doesn’t need protection in the United States even though its population is very low and declining if there are some in Canada, Mexico, or wherever.

Agency to reconsider wolverine status. By Susan Gallagher. AP Writer in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Our earlier post on this lawsuit. July 9, 2008. Groups file suit over wolverine protection U.S. wolverines face threats from climate change, other factors, conservation groups say.

Added. Here is the USFWS politically influenced finding that the wolverine did not merit ESA protection.

This particular rejection of protecting a “candidate species” was one of the most dangerous and legally defective decisions of any ESA species status reviews. RM

Northern Exposure. Sarah Palin’s toxic paradise.

It’s a big beautiful state, but Palin is hardly protecting its citizens-

Northern Exposure. New Republic by by Sheila Kaplan and Marilyn Berlin Snell

Enviros cheer, critics jeer report on ‘flawed’ Utah oil leases

Salazar’s concession to Utah’s Senator Bennett to allow Hayes to be confirmed number two at Interior doesn’t turn out like the Senator wanted-

Enviros cheer, critics jeer report on ‘flawed’ oil leases. Bishop » Utah congressman calls it “crap,” Bennett is conciliatory. By Thomas Burr.
The Salt Lake Tribune.

From my perspective this dust-up turned out very well. 🙂

New on June. 13, 2008. Drilling decisions. Report shows flawed BLM process. Salt Lake Tribune Editorial