Saving Sage Grouse: SLT editorial

Leading Utah newspaper praises Western Watershed’s massive lawsuit-

Saving sage grouse. Judge is right to allow lawsuit. Tribune Editorial

3 Responses to “Saving Sage Grouse: SLT editorial”

  1. Ken Cole Says:

    This is a complicated story but I really think people need to be watching it because it is very important.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:


    The resolution of the sage grouse issue will have consequences that reach much farther than bison in Yellowstone or restoration of the wolves. It is not just about a bird that struts.

  3. Brian Ertz Says:

    The editorial pics up on the implications well. The prtoection of sage grouse could be a watershed moment in western public lands and environment issues – it is already redefining land use priorities and has spurred an upheaval among oil & gas barons, livestock barons, energy barons, and the ATV ‘tear it up’ crowd. We truely get to see and be a part of a fundamental shift in public lands managent – the building blocks of a new land ethic.

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