North Fork Flathead plight in U.N. spotlight

Coal mining threat from Canada just north of Glacier NP is becoming an international issue-

I made a trip to the mine proposed area (and even worse coal bed methane wells) in British Columbia last summer. What a horrible place to do this! Other than the local fish and wildlife (and there is a lot), all the damage will be in Montana as the toxins flow over the border.

North Fork Flathead plight in U.N. spotlight. By Chris Peterson. Hungry Horse News.

Photo I took last summer. Headwaters of North Fork Flathead about a mile downstream from giant coal mine proposal

4 Responses to “North Fork Flathead plight in U.N. spotlight”

  1. Alan Gregory Says:

    This is horrible. To look at what Big Coal has done and continues to do) to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky, take a look at

  2. Mike Says:

    Ralph – I spend time up on the Northfork every year. It’s a beautiful area and for this plan to go forward would be sad indeed. But we have seen what BC thinks of “conservation”.

    It really is a very unique area in the lower 48. Low elevation, but “in the forest” with a very large and pure river.

  3. Virginia Says:

    We were just in the process of planning a trip up to Glacier and up into Canada to see the glaciers one more time before they are all melted. I guess we had better do it soon before the whole area is destroyed!

  4. Ryland Nelson Says:

    Follow the efforts to save waterton glacier

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