Officials to reconsider sheep grazing

Nez Perce National Forest will write a new EIS to reconsider sheep grazing in the Salmon River Canyon.

The Allison-Berg Allotment, which lies east of Riggins, is in occupied bighorn sheep habitat where disease is a real concern. It appears that the Nez Perce Forest may follow the Payette National Forest’s lead on how to deal with domestic sheep allotments in bighorn sheep habitat.

The allotment has not been used since a federal judge ruled in favor of protecting bighorn sheep in 2007.

Officials to reconsider sheep grazing
Lewiston Morning Tribune

Idaho wildlife refuges, hatcheries get stimulus

Salazar has annonced $275,000,000 (275-million) of the stimulus money for National Wildlife Refuges and fish hatcheries.

It’s good news that $1.7 million went to Idaho. Over a million of it went to a fish hatchery built to replace spawning beds destroyed by the Dvorshak Reservoir on the North Fork of the Clearwater.

Montana got $3-million. Colorado, Salazar’s home state got 9.4 million.  Utah only got $231,000.  I could not find more info in a quick search.

The Return of Citizen King

Long time Idaho resident Carole King is in Washington pushing for passage of the most ambitious wilderness bill, NREPA-

The Return of Citizen King. By Todd Wilkinson. Huffington Post.