House Holds Hearing on Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act

House Natural Resources Committee has hearing on the ultimate Wilderness bill for the Northern Rockies-

While collaborationism puts the local political power structure first in determining the use of America’s public lands, NREPA does the opposite. It puts the national interest first. This Congress is the first real chance that it could pass.

Bill Schneider reports in New West on the recent House hearing.  “WILDEST BILL ON THE HILL ADVANCES. House Holds Hearing on Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.
With lots of support, but none from local delegations, NREPA backers remain optimistic. Will it make it out of committee this time?”

One Response to “House Holds Hearing on Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act”

  1. mikarooni Says:

    Through all the years, all the issues, and all the “collaboration,” endless pressure endlessly applied has been the common thread in every victory. Everything has a tactical context; but, the tactics are just details. It almost doesn’t matter if it makes it “out of committee this time” because our actions should remain the same either way. Don’t get distracted by side talk; don’t go chasing bones that they always throw into the weeds; just keep applying endless pressure, endlessly.

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