Auction saboteur gets letter demanding $81K

DeChristopher gets a confusing letter from the BLM demanding he pay $81,000-

Auction saboteur gets letter demanding $81K.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office and BLM deny responsibility. By Patty Henet.  The Salt Lake Tribune.

Why did he get this letter? Who wrote it.? It seems odd.

2 Responses to “Auction saboteur gets letter demanding $81K”

  1. kt Says:

    Sounds more like the dis-organized mess that is Interior and BLM under rancher and stooge Ken Salazar. Maybe this is what Salazar does to relax (when he’s not home at the ranch gnashing his teeth over prairie dogs): De-list wolves and throw them into the hands of the crazy Haters Butch Otter and Ron Gillett’e’s – and beat up on a brave young man.

  2. jimbob Says:

    If I were this kid’s lawyers I’d like to see if various corporations which were dissolved or filed bankruptcy after winning bids were treated this way. If not, this seems like harassment and selective enforcement. There is no difference. I’m sure that some companies have filed bogus bids in an effort to drive up prices for their competitors or to put their competitors out of business. How is that any different?

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