Big anti?wolf meeting tonight in Hailey, ID

Update 4/8/09 – Hunters vent wolf concernsIdaho Mountain Express – Jason Kauffman

Update 4/5/09 by Brian Ertz

Poster displayed in front window of Hailey Les Schwab store

Poster displayed in front window of Hailey Les Schwab store

Yesterday, several anti-wolf organizers held a meeting in Hailey, Idaho to express their hatred for Idaho’s wolves and their intention to organize grass-roots resistance to the wolves’ presence on the Idaho landscape.  IDFG & Hailey city officers stood guard.

The meeting was held as a reaction to the valley’s recent visitation by the Phantom Hill Wolf Pack, celebrated by many, needless to say, scorned by a few others.

You can listen to a few snippets of Gillett’s rant:
(about 2 min) that I’ve edited/compiled to get an idea of the less-than legal intentions that were expressed at the meeting, and the general hatred that infects this very real cross-section of western culture.  It’s real and it’s not wise to discount, pretend like it doesn’t exist or make-believe that it will not impact the state’s management of wolves.  It already has.

Idaho Department of Fish & Game Director Cal Groen attended and spoke at this anti-wolf rally, in all fairness he expressed the department’s commitment to lawful conduct, but his attendance at this anti-wolf rally marks a stark turn away from officials’ past effort to avoid, ignore, and marginalize Gillett – Groen’s attendance and participation elevated, perhaps even legitimized Gillett et al’s sentiment.  At the very least, the state is listening.

There’s rumor of an article to come out later in the week that will have particular details.  I’ll leave it to that and to the account of folk in attendance who may want to comment.
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Crapo Introduces Bill to Codify National Park Gun Rule

Effort to overturn recent court decision striking down Bush rules-

Crapo Introduces Bill to Codify National Park Gun Rule. Gun politics is getting very interesting. Will Congress record a vote on guns in national parks? Will the President sign it? By Bill Schneider. New West.

This is all an attempt by the NRA, and its apparent auxiliary organization, the Republican Party, to generate some kind of issue to keep people from fleeing.

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Note: I am personally in favor of guns. Sometimes makes my liberal friends nervous, but I don’t think any conservationist who gets in the news should run around defenseless.

When Crapo had one of his famous colaboration meetings (on the roadless area issue) years back, I wonder if he knew some of the participants at the table were armed?

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