Victory in Mexican wolf lawsuit

Legal success is only a first step, however-

Judge sides with environmentalists in wolf case.
By Susan Montoya Bryan. Associated Press Writer.

The victory was that the judge rejected the federal government’s motion to throw the case out.

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  1. Rick Hammel Says:

    I have been following the progress of the Mexican (baileyi) wolf for a number of years. If FWS in Region 5 had followed the example of the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Program, we would have been fighting a delisting fight in Arizona and New Mexico. The Blue Mountain recovery has been a total failure, a lot in part, due to former NM Rep Steve Pierce (R). There is just so much political bs going on in this recovery process, is a wonder that there are any Lobos left in the wild.


  2. ProWolf in WY Says:

    I hope this turns the tide in favor or the lobos. Maybe they can get rid of the rule where wolves are not allowed to disperse.

  3. Maska Says:

    It’s now official. Former red wolf program coordinator Bud Fazio will be the new Mexican wolf recovery coordinator for FWS. Here’s the announcement in the March monthly update, sent out today by AZGFD:

    “Bud Fazio has accepted the Mexican Wolf Recovery Project Coordinator position. Bud’s previous position was with the Red Wolf Recovery Project in North Carolina, and has extensive wolf management and recovery experience with the USFWS. Welcome to the Project, Bud!”

    I sometimes wonder why anybody would even consider applying for this job.

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