Oil to be moved from huge tanks near Redoubt volcano

Question from earlier post answered-

Story: Officials will remove oil from two massive storage tanks near the base of erupting Mount Redoubt. CNN.

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3 Responses to “Oil to be moved from huge tanks near Redoubt volcano”

  1. Salle Says:

    Considering the fact that the same volcano twenty years ago had a nearly six month long eruption they might have had a plan in place to do this back in Feb or early March. In cases like this a little malice of forethought can go a long way. I think that either the governor is totally clueless or waiting for an opportunity for victimization to gain federal funds or both.

  2. Mount Redoubt Volcano News Says:

    Good to see the Coast Guard stepping in.

  3. ChrisH Says:

    I am glad that something is being done. It’s a shame that Chevron was not proactive and now those who will do this work in a much riskier situation. I tried to find out if Chevron is paying for this stupidity. Unfortunately, none of the articles I read mentioned this. Does anyone out there know if we are bailing out another Fortune 500 Company?

    Also, 75% of 6.3 million gallons leaves 1.5 million gallons and that can do a lot of damage.

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