Salazar is drilling home renewables’ new power

The great misfortune of “renewables” seems to be that wildlife habitat is expendable…

Salazar is drilling home renewables’ new power.By Michael Riley. The Denver Post

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  1. paula yox Says:

    come let the drilling start back up in ut co wy we are all hurting here my husband was on a drilling rig for allmost 4 yrs got laid off now there is no jobs we might be homeless if things dont change thanks for nothing paula yox

  2. paulWTAMU Says:

    So, reduce carbon emissions but destroy habitat?

    • Brian Ertz Says:

      they don’t even reduce carbon emissions — decommissioning coal power plants would reduce emissions, but wind and solar don’t do that. There is no will to decommission coal plants now because of the economic impact it would have — but there is no word as to why that will be any different in the future. all building new plants does is generate more subsidized energy to keep us thinking it’s cheap. coal keeps on keeping on.

  3. April Clauson Says:

    During his appearance before the Resources Committee, Republicans peppered Salazar with angry questions, ticking off a list of recent reversals of controversial Bush-era decisions: A move to slow drilling off the outer continental shelf; the withdrawal of oil and gas leases that had already been sold in Utah; and scrapping the expansion of oil shale research leases in Colorado.

    The above says it all, Republicans again want big oil money at the expense of wild life and lands. Oil and Shale oil are a thing of the past soon, I pray. We need to get to the solar and wind and other options now, not 10 years from now. We are partially in this economic mess due to the fact we (oil co, gas co, and government and ourselves) have ignored the obvious, for our pleasure, and cheap prices. I agree with what the new administration and Salazar have been doing, except delisting my wolves! Come on folks, time to change, time to take our country back, time to stop funding foreign countrys with our money for their resoures, time to create new jobs for Americans.

  4. Ken Cole Says:

    It’s not just the Republicans who I take issue with. Ron Wyden D-Oregon has some weird ideas about things too.

  5. paula yox Says:

    it would be differnt i think if salazar was in my shoes. theres places here where im at that they drilled yrs ago and now it could be a wildlife refuge. so come now come check things out before u take food from our moths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. paula yox Says:

    so your telling me by puting in all the wind mills is gonna cause any drama to habitat come u got to have trucks to make road to get there we can not rely on other countrys for our gas and oil come on now

  7. Ralph Maughan Says:


    You are new to this blog. It’s true that the disturbed area of drilling heals a bit over time. Too often it just looks better, but it doesn’t have native vegetation on the area.

    I’m sorry you’re out of work. Welcome to present day, America. Most people are hurting. Some of us are bleeding, and we just won’t survive.

    Gas drilling jobs are not coming back for a while. A glut of natural gas is showing up on the market. It won’t be long before the drilling rigs are cut up for scrap.

    I think big solar is going to be a boondoggle that will last only as long as they get government subsidies. The future of solar mostly lies in developed areas, such as rooftops. That kind of solar has a bright future.

    Big wind is going to develop mostly along transmission corridors.

    The rotten economy reduces the need for energy production. The way people thought about energy development just 6 months ago is now very much out of date.

  8. paula yox Says:

    ok so how are people going to afford solar when people are losen there house no jobs not just drilling jobs no job period so drill oil gass or going solar come on now

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