House easily passes the Omnibus Public Lands bill this time

This time under “regular order” the bill passed 285-140

Wilderness Bill Clears the House on Its Second Go-Round. By Mireya Navarri. New York Times. Published: March 26, 2009

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  1. matt bullard Says:

    Rocky Barker article from the Statesman:

  2. jdubya Says:

    This gives Utah it first wild and scenic river: the Virgin for 130-140 miles or so.

    Of our three reps, the faux Democrat voted for it but, of course , our other two reps, members of the “party of no” (hint, the same party that nominated Sarah Palin) voted against it.

  3. Salle Says:

    Here’s a whole bunch of stuff I found in today’s news including an AP link to their “breakdown” by state of the particulars:

    Crapo, Conservationists Laud Passage of Public Lands Bill
    After 20 years of collaboration, the Owyhee-Bruneau Wilderness becomes the law of the land, as does protection for the Wyoming Range, plus a bonus for ranchers–money to compensate them for wolf depredation.

    By Bill Schneider, 3-25-09

    House passes bill protecting 2 million acres of wilderness
    By Eoin O’Carroll

    A look at key provisions in wilderness bill

    By The Associated Press

  4. Salle Says:

    Oops, here’s the link for the NewWest article:

    By Bill Schneider, 3-25-09)

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