Another Idaho Anti-Bighorn Attempt Falls

Rancher and Idaho state senator Jeff C. Siddoway

Rancher and Idaho state senator Jeff C. Siddoway

Yesterday I posted a review (with a little help from the Idaho Attorney General’s Office) about Idaho Senate Bill 1124, an anti-wildlife bill sponsored by rancher Monty Pearce that seeks to punish bighorn-sheep conservation efforts.

Today, the Idaho state Senate Resources & Environment Committee considered another anti-bighorn sheep attempt.  RS18882 was draft legislation, introduced to the committee by another domestic sheep rancher and Idaho state senator Jeff C. Siddoway.

Idaho not liable for sheep rancher lossesAP

RS18882 :

provides that domestic sheep and livestock operators will be held harmless from adverse impacts by the State of Idaho; provides for control of certain bighorn by the Director; and the shared veterinarian program between IDA and IDFG be dissolved.

The exact language of the legislation is not available because the draft legislation was rejected by the committee before becoming a bill. Read the rest of this entry »

Washinton State: A bear walks into a ‘burb, but state’s new bear dogs scare him out again

Karelian bear dogs to be deployed in King County-

Story about the bear dogs. By Katherine Long. Seattle Times Eastside reporter

Obama Adminstration trying to “radio collar” almost all Americans

I’m astonished how much privacy freedom Americans have had taken from them (or have just given up) in the last decade-

Obama Administration: Constitution Does Not Protect Cell-Site Records. By David Kravets. Wired Magazine.

Salazar is drilling home renewables’ new power

The great misfortune of “renewables” seems to be that wildlife habitat is expendable…

Salazar is drilling home renewables’ new power.By Michael Riley. The Denver Post

House easily passes the Omnibus Public Lands bill this time

This time under “regular order” the bill passed 285-140

Wilderness Bill Clears the House on Its Second Go-Round. By Mireya Navarri. New York Times. Published: March 26, 2009

Research shows continuing decline of moose in Jackson Hole

Primary causes are warming, lack of shade and poor nutrition-

It’s obvious to anyone who has spent years living in or visiting Jackson Hole that the moose population isn’t what it was 30 years ago or even a decade. Now biologists are discovering why. Unfortunately for those who want more moose around little can be done to change any of the primary conditions that are causing the decline.

Moose on the decline in Jackson Hole area. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.