Bill proposes stiff fines for off-roading on closed lands

This is a turn of events regarding OHV’s and the minimal fines that have been applicable in Montana. Currently fines are roughly $50 per offense, this Bill proposes $500 and jail time.

Bill proposes stiff fines for off-roading on closed lands. By Kahrin Deines. Montana Standard.

4 Responses to “Bill proposes stiff fines for off-roading on closed lands”

  1. Mike Says:

    This is awesome.

  2. Elkchaser Says:

    They need something like this in Idaho also. There is little enforcement of riding on closed trails or making your own new trails and as a result there is little respect for the off road rules.

  3. smalltownID Says:

    It is a problem in Montana and an EPIDEMIC in Idaho. Elkchaser if you are in SE Idaho we need to get you plugged into our grassroots effort. Just yesterday I watched a group come down off of Chinamen’s peak in a ORV,ATV, or whatever the heck you want to call it, we might need a new acronym for this “4-wheeler” with cat tracks. they obviously had a key to the gate which they opened (it isn’t supposed to be open until april 15th). Another guy saw this, went home, got his bike. parked and made a loop around buckskin with his motorbike as we were pushing my boy up the road in his stroller.

    My favorite is waking up at 430 am, getting to my spot a mile off a road and having someone drive down the ridge I am set up on a half hour after daylight (no road). Planning to shoot an animal from their vehicle WITH A BOW!!!!

    I realize there needs to be opportunities for those that can’t hike anymore but I have at least one bad experience every year and it has never been someone that isn’t capable of gettting their lazy butt off their vehicle and hiking.

  4. HikerID Says:

    What a great thing this would be for Idaho and Island Park! Hope Montana succeeds.

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