Summer at the ski resorts: Congress must proceed very carefully with Udall’s bill

It appears that there is not really specific details as to what kind of development these resorts can proceed with and seems to allow for water parks and numerous other “suburban” style theme park facilities which conservationists object to on public lands, they have a valid point.

Summer at the ski resorts: Congress must proceed very carefully with Udall’s bill. By Erika Stutzman. The Daily Camera.

Bill proposes stiff fines for off-roading on closed lands

This is a turn of events regarding OHV’s and the minimal fines that have been applicable in Montana. Currently fines are roughly $50 per offense, this Bill proposes $500 and jail time.

Bill proposes stiff fines for off-roading on closed lands. By Kahrin Deines. Montana Standard.

Permanent Damage From Temporary Logging Roads

George Orwell is likely spinning in his grave when it comes to all the linguistic mischief that gets thrown around by politicians and land managers doing their best to cut down our forests, “manage”, “control”, and “harvest” the wild.

Think “Healthy Forest” Initiative, removing that troublesome “fuel”, “wildlife friendly fences”, and “thinning and cleaning the forest”.

George Wuerthner calls out another such word-hack used to lull so many into a false sense of well-being ~ “Temporary Roads” ~ sounds good to me ! :

Permanent Damage From Temporary Logging RoadsGeorge Wuerthner

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Distemper devastates Yellowstone wolves

Wolf population has dropped by 27% in Yellowstone.

Distemper devastates Yellowstone wolves.
Powell Tribune

“Cleanup” worsens selenium contamination at Smoky Canyon

Poisonous legacy of phosphate mining in SE Idaho not contained-

One issue I wish folks would follow most closly is the massive contamination of soil and water by phosphate mining in the big Western phosphate field centered in SE Idaho.

The one organization working hard on this and doing a good job is the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, which has devoted many staff and resources pushing for cleanup and preventing expansion of the mines until some cleanup success is achieved.

This is a big threat to fish, wildlife, and drinking water along the Idaho/Wyoming border.

Story by the GYC. “Cleanup” worsens selenium contamination at Smoky Canyon.

Recently even the Pocatello, Idaho State Journal, a city where phosphate processing produces quite a few well paying jobs, editorialized against the lack of successful cleanup.