Maughan, others on public TV wolf special in Idaho Thursday eve

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s move to delist the wolves in Idaho and Montana will be the topic of  a one-hour special edition of “Dialogue.”

This Thursday evening, I will be appearing alongside an interesting line-up of key players on both sides of the debate., so I hope you’ll tune in and call in your questions about wolf management.

Join the conversation by emailing your questions ahead of time at or calling in during the live show at 1-800-973-9800.

What: “Dialogue” on Idaho Wolves
with Ralph Maughan and others on both sides
When: Thursday, March 19th at 8:00 p.m. MDT / 7:00 p.m. PDT
Where: On Idaho Public Television (Click here to check local listings)

Idaho 2008 Wolf Conservation and Management Progress Report Released

Slightly greater detail than weekly reports

The Idaho Fish and Game and the Nez Perce Tribe has released the Idaho 2008 Wolf Conservation and Management Progress Report. This report contains more information than has been given in the IDFG weekly updates.

You can download the entire report here:
Idaho 2008 Wolf Conservation and Management Progress Report

Or you can view the report in sections here:

Idaho senate committee approves Fish & Game fee hike

Looks like ID Fish & Game may get their tag fee increase-

Key Idaho Senate Committee approves increase 8-1. Idaho Statesman staff.

Big Public Lands Bill Goes Another Round in the Senate

As expected the new bill easily beat the U.S. Senate filibuster yesterday-

Omnibus bill attached to a new vehicle moved through the Senate filibuster last night by a vote of 73 to 21. Final passage in the Senate will come soon and take it back to the House.

Story in New York Times blog, “The Caucus.” Big Public Lands Bill Goes Another Round. By Kate Phillips

Note that Phillips (or was she quoting Republicans?) when she said the bill was controversial because it moves a lot of land out of private into public lands. These lands are already public lands. Most of measures simply change their management category or rules.

Stalk-leaved Monkeyflower (Mimulus patulus)

Mimulus patulus - "Stalk-leaved Monkeyflower"

"Stalk-leaved Monkeyflower"
Mimulus patulus
Asotin Wildlife Area
© Dr. Don Johnson (Click to enlarge)

Mimulus patulus Occurence & Habitat

Springs and seeps are unique habitats that occur where subterranean water emerges from an aquifer. In the semi-arid and arid west, these unique sources of water are particularly important ‘oasis’ habitats for wildlife, especially during drought and heat.  Their relatively consistent temperatures and chemistry provides for  “hotspots” of biological diversity – many of the more fragile plants and wildlife found in these habitats require very specific conditions and will not persist with the greater water temperature, chemistry, and flow fluctuations that occur downstream.  Generally in the west, from a distance you may identify springs and seeps by the presence of an aspen clone or other green, lush vegetative expressions on the slopes of an otherwise tan, dry hillside.  Up close you’ll find a microclimate of mosses and unique plant-life.  If you’re lucky, you may happen-upon a wet-spot blanketed by butterflies attracted to its mineral-waters and gathering energy in the sun.

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