Environmental rules at risk in downturn

States are discussing the concept of trimming due process and the rights of those contesting development activities by writing new legislation to cut out possible lawsuits for mining and other industries and claiming that it’s jobs vs the environmentalists.

Environmental rules at risk in downturn
By The Associated Press

Bill aims at curbing green group lawsuits
By Judy Fahys
The Salt Lake Tribune

One Response to “Environmental rules at risk in downturn”

  1. jimbob Says:

    I saw this coming from a mile away—-way back during Bush’s first term. NOBODY could have screwed up our country and economy this bad by messing up. You could see the purpose behind this. Strip the little guy of his money and everything else, then even he will be an ally of big business and the extractive industries—if only for survival. People need to be smart and not give in to these scare tactics. Look, they do it all the time with the ESA and other policies…..if you don’t think the trickle down theory has the same type of goals, think again!

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