Human factor suspected in mass beaching of whales in Australia

Human factor suspected in mass beaching of whales in Australia
Lewis Smith, Environment Reporter

Fears that the mass stranding on an Australian beach on Sunday was caused by human disturbance were raised because two species of cetacean came ashore simultaneously.

Congressmen to hear resident’s testimony

Congressmen to hear resident’s testimony
By Thomas Dewell, Jackson Hole, Wyo

McCarthy’s testimony will focus on the Outdoor Alliance’s perspective that public lands are vital in combating climate change because of their role in ecosystem adaptation, their natural ability to sequester carbon, their potential for renewable energy projects such as wind farms and solar arrays, and that they provide the opportunity for Americans to stay connected to the natural world.

Environmental rules at risk in downturn

States are discussing the concept of trimming due process and the rights of those contesting development activities by writing new legislation to cut out possible lawsuits for mining and other industries and claiming that it’s jobs vs the environmentalists.

Environmental rules at risk in downturn
By The Associated Press

Bill aims at curbing green group lawsuits
By Judy Fahys
The Salt Lake Tribune

Endangered Species Act change under review

Endangered Species Act change under review
Obama may reverse a Bush-era revision that loosened environmental rules for federal projects.
By Jim Tankersley

Update; March 4, 2009:

This seems like deja vu all over again.  Maybe good sense will prevail this time and for a long time coming.

Bid to Undo Bush Memo on Threats to Species

Alaska’s senators seek to change polar bear language in omnibus

Yellowstone elk population up slightly

7,109 elk counted in the northern range.

Elk grazing in Yellowstone
© Ken Cole

Each year elk are counted from a plane on the northern range of Yellowstone and the counts are affected by conditions on the ground and in the air.

It appears that the elk population is stabilizing from the drop seen over the last decade. At one time the estimate was 19,000 which was far more than was healthy for the ecosystem of the Park. Montana FWP allowed a late season hunt on the border of the Park near Gardiner where thousands of elk were harvested in an attempt at lowering the population.

Yellowstone elk population up slightly
Montana’s News Station