Collared Arizona jaguar dies of kidney failure

Demarcated Landscapes has this post concerning the death of an Arizona jaguar that was recently collared in an effort to track its movement.

They killed “euthanized” Macho BDL

This is a particularly saddening loss – there have been only 4 jaguars known to have visited north of the border in recent years. Macho B was the most frequently seen, visiting annually since at least 1996 and he was the only jaguar known to visit this year. One of the 4 was killed in Mexico. With the border wall advancing, the sunset on jaguar inhabitation of America becomes more and more evident.

Update: Arizona jaguar’s death probably hastened by capture, zoo veterinarian saysLA Times

Update: Press Conference on Macho B’s Untimely Death

Information on Macho B

Thanks to Ron Kearns for pointing this video and information out

Photos: Phantom Hill wolf pack takes a mountain lion

Some exciting news in central Idaho today – The Phantom Hill wolf pack made an appearance over the weekend igniting excitement from valley residents and wolf watchers.

Update 3/4/09: Predators clash above ElkhornIdaho Mountain Express

Wolf jam, March 1, 2009. Photo by Lynne K. Stone, Copyright 2009

Wolf jam, March 1, 2009. Photo by Lynne K. Stone, Copyright 2009

The Phantoms were in view – word got around and it was a wolf jam at the best viewing place.

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Idaho hopes to target Lolo wolves

Officials will seek federal permission to kill wolves to protect Clearwater elk herd-

Story by Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.

The story says this will be a multi-year effort because new wolves will quickly move in to replace the wolves killed. This raises the question, why would this happen if wolves have killed most of the elk?  Wolves are not vegetarians.

I notice the story refers to “Idaho could be losing as much as $24 million annually in hunting-related revenue due to wolves’ killing deer and elk, the report states.”

This is only one part of Idaho. Earlier I wrote the following comments about the report mentioned above.
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This is the most simplistic analysis. Idaho Fish and Game assumes that every elk killed by a wolf is 1/5 fewer elk for hunters (they assume a 20% hunter success rate). Read the rest of this entry »

Western lands: Obama should pick Martha Hahn for BLM

Western lands: Obama should pick Hahn for BLM. From Daniel’s News and Views.

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Note: Daniel Patterson is in the Arizona legislature, and he keeps a worthwhile blog.