The eons-old Grand Canyon celebrates its 90th birthday as a national park.

Happy Birthday, Grand Canyon National Park! By Ray Stern. Phoenix New Times.

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  1. ChrisH Says:

    I lived in the village there for about ten years. Leaving was a huge mistake. Hopefully, the Grand Canyon Wolf Project will be able to change the boundary rules for the Mexican Wolf. Both the South and North rims would be safer for the wolves than the current situation. The North Rim would be an outstanding habitat

  2. kt Says:

    I wonder if they are stilling selling those fascinating Norton-Kempthorne era theocratic geology Grand-Canyon-was-formed-in-5000-yea-or-whatever-the=number-Bishop-Usher-ordained booklets in the gift store?

  3. Peter Kiermeir Says:

    ChrisH, this is the first time I heard about the Grand Canyon Wolf (recovery) Project – thanks for mentioning it – and started to google around a little bit. Seems they rely heavily on the Mexican Grey Wolf re-introduction project as a source and hope they will spread into the Grand Canyon Area. With this project in heavy troubles wolf recovery into the Grand Canyon area seems not very likely in the near future.

  4. Jon Way Says:

    Peter, you are correct – unless they are actively reintroduced to GCNP – and I think that would be the plan if the recovery boundaries are changed, which should happen with any reasonable science used for the new plan, when created…

  5. ChrisH Says:

    The Grand Canyon region would be a lot more predator friendy than the current situation. The Babbitt family (as in Bruce Babbitt former S of I) owns most of the private ranchland south of the park. On the North Rim there are a few grazing allotments in the North Kaibab but they are in the hands of the Grand Cnyon Trust. Their permits mandate they put stock on the allotments but they keep stocking levels to the bare minimum and take measures to rest the land when needed.
    Unless they come to terms with the lawlessness and inept “management” in the Blue Range Recovery Area, the Grand canyon Region may be the best place for the lobo.

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