In Loneliness, Immigrants Tend the Flock

Sheep Ranchers Claim Paying Minimum Wage to Workers Would Put them Out of Business.

Domestic sheep carry disease dangerous to bighorns and humans

Domestic sheep carry disease dangerous to bighorns and humans

This is an important article :

In Loneliness, Immigrants Tend the FlockThe New York Times

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Environmental Costs

Domestic sheep ranching on public land is subsidized in many ways – environmental costs associated with the activity are largely covered by you and I – our tax dollars to slaughter predators that feed on untended sheep, blade otherwise unnecessary roads, build fences, abate weeds etc;  Our public lands leased at remarkably below market value, our bighorn sheep herds decimated by disease spread from domestic to wild sheep, our stream-waters rendered undrinkable, our public landscapes denuded precluding/depreciating habitat that might otherwise support untold numbers of wildlife – including big-game.

There are also the direct subsidies collected by sheepman – millions of tax-dollars for wool and other Ag subsidies.  But despite all of the ways that you and I prop up this destructive use of public land, their industry groups continue to maintain that if held to the same environmental and fair-market standard as nearly any other industry – even minimum wage for workers – they’ll go under.

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What it was like to volunteer with Buffalo Field Campaign

Now is the time of year to volunteer.


Buffalo being chased by the DoL © Ken Cole

Jim MacDonald, who is a regular commenter here, has written an article to familiarize people about what to expect before volunteering for the Buffalo Field Campaign.

I’ve spent many winters there and now I am a board member of BFC. I would encourage anyone who is interested to volunteer for them. Over the seven winters that I have spent there I have witnessed many terrible and wonderful things. From witnessing the capture of hundreds of buffalo and their abusive treatment in the Stephens Creek capture facility to the incredible diversity of wildlife, and beautiful scenery, I have been privileged to spend so much time there and become a part of the Campaign.

Buffalo usually start to leave the western part of the Park towards Horse Butte near West Yellowstone to calve during the beginning of March.

What it was like to volunteer with Buffalo Field Campaign

New West Network

You can find the Buffalo Field Campaign on the web.

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