Captured jaguar 1st in US to get collar for tracking

GPS collar to provide location points every three hours.

Captured jaguar 1st in US to get collar for tracking
By Tony Davis and Brady McCombs
Arizona Daily Star

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  1. JB Says:

    Another species that could be severely negatively impacted by the Solicitor’s Opinion concerning the “significant portion of its range” phrase.

  2. JB Says:

    The Opinion is here ( for those interested.

  3. jdubya Says:

    The purpose of the study was to figure out the impact of the border fence on the migration of these cats? Is there like a hole in the fence that mexicans and jauguars use? Stilts? Pole vaulting? Levitation?

  4. Salle Says:

    That’s a good question. All the article says is that they were studying the effects on cougars and black bears, they jut happened to come upon a jaguar in their field trip.

    I wonder if negative impacts on endangered species makes any difference on whether the fence is worth the trouble. I’m certain that with some effort there is a more productive way to deal with this immigration issue with political agreement rather than a physical “wall”. (The thought of the fence kind of makes me feel like an unwilling yet defacto Israeli.)

  5. swjags Says:

    With some luck the newly-collared Macho B will provide some hard data for those of us who know the wall is a complete biological nightmare but can’t necessarily prove it.

  6. Salle Says:


    Thanks, I hope you can provide a convincing data set to do just that. I also hope it doesn’t mean that a lot of wildlife has to die to prove it, you know… like stop signs at dangerous intersections.

    The GPS collar is probably one of the best tools for such a venture given the regular data collection abilities. I’ve used telemetry and it leaves a great deal to be desired when trying to do more than sort of locate a collared animal in the moment.

    Good luck to you and your colleagues!

  7. JB Says:

    The idea of building a wall is ridiculous. If you talk with the border agents, they will tell you the major problem is motor vehicles crossing. It is relatively easy and cheap (by comparison) to build a barrier that will stop motor vehicles and still be porous to wildlife.

  8. JEFF E Says:

    I believe the late great Molly Ivins said build a 50 foot fence and I’ll build a 51 foot ladder.

  9. Virginia Says:

    A bit off topic, but I couldn’t help but laugh about what Jeff E said – I loved Molly Ivins and miss her writing so much – wouldn’t she be delighted to witness the departure of “Shrub” as she called G. W. bush!

  10. Ralph Maughan Says:

    I found out that those transporting people illegally over the border now have large ramps they deploy to span the fence, allowing people to walk or even drive over the wall.

  11. monty Says:

    In lieu of the “wall” what Mexico needs is a good dose of family planning, America cannot “forever” be the population pressure relief valve for a country that doesn’t understand that large families are no longer required in a world that is running of of resources and space.

  12. Virginia Says:

    Some GOOD NEWS! Again, this is “off topic” for this particular subject, but the Casper Star Tribune reports today that the Canada lynx habitat is expanding more than 20-fold to include about 39,000 square miles in six states, and will now include Wyoming, Idaho and Maine. This habitat expansion had been proposed previously, but Julie McDonald had interfered with the previous designation by pressuring federal scientists to alter their findings.

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