Bill would block killing of wild horses, burros

Bill would block killing of wild horses, burros

“It is unacceptable for wild horses to be slaughtered without any regard for the general health, well-being, and conservation of these iconic animals that embody the spirit of our American West,” Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.V., said in a statement.
By SANDRA CHEREB – Associated Press Writer

Meanwhile, back in Utah…

Resolution supporting horse slaughter passes
The Salt Lake Tribune

And in Wyoming…

Lawmakers decry interference in horse slaughter
By MARJORIE KORN – Associated Press writer

And in Montana…

House takes up bill to approve slaughterhouse
By JOHN S. ADAMS – Tribune Capitol Bureau

Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food in Global Warming: Scientists

Elimination/Reduction of Beef in your diet remains among the most potent personal choices you can make to help preserve our natural world

Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food in Global Warming:

Buying local meat and produce will not have nearly the same effect, he cautioned.

That’s because only five percent of the emissions related to food come from transporting food to market.

“You can have a much bigger impact by shifting just one day a week from meat and dairy to anything else than going local every day of the year,” Weber said.


The facts : Livestock production …

  • is the largest land use in the western United States
  • Ranching in the West is the principle source of conflict resulting in tax-payer dollars spent to kill wolves, buffalo, coyotes, prairie dogs, and other wildlife [1]
  • is the most significant cause of non-point source water pollution [2]
  • is the most prominent factor resulting in wildlife imperilment/loss of biodiversity/listed species in the West [3]
  • is the most robust contributor to desertification of landscapes in North America [4]

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Conservationists: USDA should stop killing wildlife

Report: Wildlife Service’s “War on Wildlife” needlessly slaughters America’s valued wildlife costing taxpayers $100 million per year

Wendy Keefover-Ring, director of carnivore protection for WildEarth Guardians, and others have been compiling the facts, gathering the support of 115 conservation groups, and building a solid case to end the wasteful War on Wildlife currently being waged by the out-of-control ‘Wildlife Services’.

Conservationists: USDA should stop killing wildlifeAP :

Authors of the 108-page report being presented to USDA, members of Congress and the White House on Tuesday described it as the first comprehensive, national, independent assessment of the agency in 40 years.

View the ‘War on Wildlife’ Report (108 page pdf)