Northern Rockies Wilderness Bill Back in Congress

Bill Would Designate 24 Million Acres of Inventoried Roadless Land as Wilderness.

Northern Rockies Wilderness Bill Back in Congress

After many years of failure, will this be the year?

By Bill Schneider, 2-11-09

This Bill is sponsored and presented by Raul Grijalva among others but is widely opposed by the usual suspects from Wyoming and Idaho…

Lummis should vote for public lands bill

Star-Tribune Editorial Board


2 Responses to “Northern Rockies Wilderness Bill Back in Congress”

  1. JimT Says:

    Good for Grijalva for keeping the pressure on and actually acting on his principles.

    Imagine what Interior would be like under this guy….

  2. Mike Says:

    No kidding. We really missed out on not getting Grijalva for SOI.

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