Wyoming House committee recommends a new state wolf bill

Little change from the past-

By Matt Joyce. Associated Press writer

House Bill 32 would emphasize protecting livestock and wild ungulates from wolves and would continue to classify wolves as predators in most of the state. The bill also authorizes the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to work in cooperation with Idaho and Montana to move wolves as necessary to assure genetic interchange among the states’ wolf populations.

Wyoming House committee had five Bills offered this week and only one, with little change and a seemingly obstinate set of intentions to derail any progress or offer any acceptance of the federal role in this ongoing saga was agreed upon.  Read More…

4 Responses to “Wyoming House committee recommends a new state wolf bill”

  1. JimT Says:

    The more obstinate they are, the more the case for Federal management and possibly FULL ESA status becomes. It would take a legislative fix, but at least we can speak of the possibility with this administration.

    Once again, the key appears to be getting the damned cows off of public lands. Do that, you yank the power of the ranching industry. Hell, take a few billion out of the stimulus and buy the damned grazing leases around Yellowstone, and in Idaho and Montana. Be a much more productive use of the money than sticking it in banks so they can have parties and go to spas.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    I agree, Jim T. Hey a rhyme!

    One note I want to make is that some folks are confusing the TARP money (Toxic Assets Recovery Program) which looks like a total loss for the first $350-billion, with the yet-to-pass stimulus bill.

    This mix-up could drag down the stimulus to defeat.

  3. JimT Says:

    Obama wants the balance released, but I think they were waiting for Gietner to come on board so they could figure out what they could and what they couldn’t thanks to Bush and Paulson and their idiotic policy of trusting the oligarchs and corporate folks with 350 BILLION dollars. I think I would ask for it back, frankly. Or nationalize the whole bunch, and get it that way, and let them buy their own banks back when they get the idea of ethics, and law, and shame.

    This is off topic, but the Repubs seem to want to use the stimulus package as yet another device to get tax cuts at a time when 8 years of Bush and his tax cuts ruined the economy. Blind adherence to political philosophies in hopes of making gains in elections two years from now is simply reprehensible. I think the fat should be cut out, the pet projects slashed, but that still leaves Obama with a heck of a task and seemingly the only way out of it is to spend money to stimulate the economy.

    I think you saw the DOW plan to use the money to fund jobs in the environment? Refuges, etc…

  4. Ralph Maughan Says:

    If I got a tax cut now or a rebate, I would save every penny of it because I am not in financial trouble, but I could be (almost everyone could become that way).

    As a result, a tax cut would (or will) provide almost no stimulus. The government would simply borrow money so people can save it — kind of like getting a cash advance from your credit card and putting it into savings account.

    Money has to be spent to stimulate the economy. I can only think of one source.

    I just closed this thread because I took it seriously off topic. See the general discussion thread I opened.

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