Vet urges ranchers to adopt brucellosis plan

Producers in 7 Montana border counties would need to test, vaccinate. By Tom Lutey. Billings Gazette.

2 Responses to “Vet urges ranchers to adopt brucellosis plan”

  1. ChrisH Says:

    I agree with the vet. The comments associated with the article are interesting. There is definately two camps in this controversy. Most of those that feel testing is just another mandate do not seem to mind the costs associated with bison and elk control – probably because they do not pay for it. It is easy to be hard on ranchers for their subsidized agribusiness and the environmental damage they do. However, most of us should accept some blame because the true price of beef and/or lamb is not paid by the consumers, and they would probably freak out when they find out what it really is.

  2. Salle Says:



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