Don Simon Art: Unnaturalism

Don Simon Art: Unnaturalism. “Images of an evolving world” by artist Don Simon

This is an interesting perspective on the human affect on wildlife and wilderness. (Audio/Visual).

2 Responses to “Don Simon Art: Unnaturalism”

  1. ChrisH Says:

    I amhardly an art critic or terribly knowledgable about the subject but I thought that presentation was provocative and well presented.

  2. dbaileyhill Says:

    I agree. Very provocative and well presented. I think he has successfully conveyed his thoughts in such a way that grabs the viewer’s attention whether or not that viewer wants to admit that or not. That quality along with the simplicity regarding the pairing of subjects and choice of realism is what makes his art leave a lasting image in one’s mind. That’s what makes his art “successful”. He has really made a clear statement without demanding that the viewer take notice. It’s not “in your face”, while still being very thought provoking. Realism is something everyone can appreciate regardless of having an art education. The viewer cannot “brush off” the subject simply because they do not understand the style or presentation. I feel that if he had chosen anything other than representative/realism it would lose all the qualities that make his work so successful. He has truly mastered the use of colored pencil. I see a wide range of art and subject matter in my travels and have not come across anything like Don Simon’s work. I am impressed.

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