Obama to Take Steps On Car Fuel Efficiency

Announces two policies that will speed efficient and less CO2 emitting vehicles-

Obama to Take Steps On Car Fuel Efficiency. By Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson. Washington Post Staff Writers

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Another “Burrowing” Bush Loyalist

Kathie Olsen, a Bush climate change denier in the National Science Foundation “burrows” into a civil service position.

A Loyal Bushie Burrows Into Obama’s System
By Elana Schor
Talking Points Memo

Can Wolves Restore An Ecosystem?

This seems to be a reasonable conclusion made by Dr. Bechta and Dr. Ripple who studied the Lamar Valley’s rehabilitation of cottonwood and willow following wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone NP. These researchers feel that wolves, if returned to the Olympic Peninsula, would help restore the flora as well as a balance in the fauna in the national park. They claim that elk are an obstruction to forest health by feeding on the young trees which appear to be unable to thrive there.

Can Wolves Restore An Ecosystem?