Larry Craig and his chief of staff considering consulting business

Says his consulting business will deal with “Western Issues”-

Larry Craig and his chief of staff considering consulting business. By Jim Snyder. The Hill.

Craig says he wants to concentrate on enforcement of the ESA.

Giant omnibus public lands bill to be voted on soon in new Congress

Looks like Harry Reid is keeping his promise to bring the bill back up-

This is a really big thing, much larger than the two parochial stories below, even though a lot of it deals with “cannonball parks.”

Here is s.22, ” The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009.” This replaces the 2008 version I had up. They are debating it this weekend. Republicans are filibustering.

Last Congress the omnibus measure passed the House, but failed due to Senator Coburn’s filibuster at the last minute in the U.S. Senate. Majority Leader Reid said he would bring it up again without having the bills inside this “omnibus container” having to start at square one back in the committees of the two chambers of Congress.

Regarding Idaho, this contains the controversial Owhyee Initiative.

Cougar and dogs fight at Gimlet, Idaho

There will be more predators in the Big Wood River Valley because snows have pushed elk and deer right into town.

Story: Cougar attacks dogs in Gimlet. Fish and Game officers relocate big cat after confrontation. By Jason Kaufman. Idaho Mountain Express.

Jon Marvel: Idaho should start charging for its most precious resource

Marvel believes that given the economic crisis, the state water users should pitch in and help-

Jon Marvel: Idaho should start charging for its most precious resource. Reader’s View. Idaho Statesman.

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My thoughts are that if current plans play out, in Idaho those doing all the sacrificing will be the students, the sick, old, young, poor, and out-of-work. Ralph Maughan

A quick vote for the buffalo at Horse Butte

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Wildlife Services sprays tons of herbicide into Dakota marshes to destroy blackbirds

Another reason to eliminate this destructive agency-

In the Western United States we think of Wildlife Services as the agency that kills a host of native wildlife to benefit cattle and sheep growers, but their noxious actions are more far flung. In the Dakotas they are expanding their program of dumping the herbicide Rodeo into cattail marshes so the blackbirds will have no resting or roosting sites.

This is to benefit sunflower farmers who could solve the “blackbird problem” by not planting sunflowers next to marshes.

Story:  USDA taking applications for Cattail eradication. Associated Press