Miscellaneous bunch of groups may sue on wolf delisting this time

Next suit may not just be groups that support protecting wolves-

The Casper Star Tribune has an article today saying that Wyoming government and Wyoming livestock groups might sue to halt the newest attempt to delist the wolf. Of course pro-wolf groups will sue.

It’s interesting that the delisting hasn’t taken place yet. Folks thought USFWS would rush the delisting through lest Cheney have them waterboarded or worse, but here it is Jan. 5. 2009.

Here is the story. Wolf debate lingers into new year. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune.

Barker: Attorney Laird Lucas gears up to fight energy plants

Lucas is one of the finest environmental lawyers in the country. He understands that MASSIVE alternative energy wind and solar farms are not the answer-

We have discussed the problems with massive energy generation in remote locations with long transmission lines a lot in this forum. It’s good to see  someone of Lucas’ caliber understands and will fight. It looks like Rocky Barker understands too. He has written quite a bit about this lately.

Rocky Barker: Attorney Laird Lucas gears up to fight energy plants. Idaho Statesman.