Report: ESA decisions were all tainted for five years

Julie MacDonald interfered with every ESA decision for political reasons-

A high-ranking Interior Department official tainted nearly every decision made on the protection of endangered species over five years, a new inspector general report finds, concluding she exerted improper political interference on many more rulings than previously thought.

Julie MacDonald was deputy assistant secretary of Interior. overseeing the Fish and Wildlife Service. This shows how important are the nominations below the level of Secretary of Interior.

Report:  Endangered species decisions tainted. The Associated Press

Link to the actual report. pdf file.

2 Responses to “Report: ESA decisions were all tainted for five years”

  1. Alan Gregory Says:

    Absolutely. I just read the NY Times’ account of the IG’s report. No surprise, actually, given the Bush warriors’ ongoing rush to thumb their collective nose at the public trust.

  2. Jon Way Says:

    She’ll probably get a metal for service to our country during Bush’s pardonings…

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