N. Idaho timberland eyed for luxury homes

Proposal is one of many showing developers have learned nothing-

Although this won’t fly in the current economy, developers around the country are still proposing more of the same for the future when the economy improves.

Where I live (Pocatello, Idaho) the local developers are making a big effort to gut the new county land use plan to fulfill their dreams of urban sprawl from Idaho to the Utah border.

Story on the North Idaho development. N. Idaho timberland eyed for luxury homes. AP

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Here’s what going on in Bannock County, Idaho (Pocatello area). The realtors are a real ugly crew. Sparks fly at county meeting. Idaho State Journal.

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  1. Alan Gregory Says:

    And so it is here, too, Ralph. And thank you belatedly, for your kind response to my now much-earlier note regarding the Pocatello area and a certain cougar.

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