The 2nd delisting of wolves may take place this week

Here goes nothing again?

Nothing except a brief opportunity to slaughter wolves again?

Story: Wolves may be delisted — again — this week.  By Chris Merrill. Casper Star-Tribune environment reporter

4 Responses to “The 2nd delisting of wolves may take place this week”

  1. John d. Says:

    All reports are in, delisting is definitely being rushed before the change of office.

  2. Terry Nissen Says:

    This is really bad news!!! What a sad Christmas it will be if the murder of these magnificent and mystical creatures is put in force. They will stand no chance of survival. I am totally upset to even think that this delisting could take place again….for the second time this year.

  3. Salle Says:

    Just goes to show ya how much respect there is to go around…

  4. TC Says:

    Wool Growers Association Spokesperson: “You can have wolves or you can have the livestock industry, but you can’t have both.”

    So much for the spirit of compromise; what was the dollar value of the livestock destroyed by wolves in Wyoming in 2007?

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