Omnibus public lands bill is not truly dead.

Early resurrection planned in the next Congress-

Although it was supposed to move in the lame duck session, that session fizzles and the bill was pulled under threat of filibuster by Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Senator Reid, the major leader, has announced that an unrevised version of the massive public land bill (pieces of public lands legislation all over the United States inside) will be brought up early in the next Congress.

This is good news. This is also horrible news because of the the content of the various individual items. One of the worst is the Owyhee canyonlands a.k.a. Owyhee Initiative in SW Idaho.

Rocky Barker traces its origins in his blog today and Begreen has a fine response.

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  1. Salle Says:

    And then there’s this from the UK today:

    Also note some of the other articles listed in the sidebar, if you scroll down a little ways…

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Great link, Salle.

    I especially enjoyed the sidebar article by Meg Kane about Bush being unable to find anyone to publish his memoirs.

  3. Omnibus public lands bill carries Craig’s water « Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News Says:

    […] The Omnibus bill is expected to be re-introduced without debate in the near future. […]

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