Will Bush’s midnight rules be reversible?

Some for sure. Final rules are very hard to undo short of congressional action or successful legal action-

Will Bush’s midnight rules be reversible? By Joaquin Sapien. Politico.

Undoing them is of the utmost importance.

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  1. Jon Way Says:

    Hopefully there is poetic justice and Bush and Co. pay for their sins at some point. Maybe I am a dreamer…

  2. Salle Says:

    This stuff turns my stomach worse than a nasty hangover. Between the two, I’d choose the hangover. At least that would likely go away quickly without overwhelmingly long-term and probably irreversible harm.

    Some old Russian proverbs: Unrestrained merriment occurs before chagrin; Never spit into the well, you may have to drink from it one day.

  3. john weis Says:

    This should have been done years ago….talk about a wooley mammoth..


  4. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Thanks John,

    I just put up the article. I guess we both saw that this was important news.

  5. Salle Says:

    A couple of quick references to help everyone keep up to date:

    This guide helps to clarify the system and the staus of these ugly-little-nightmare-demons-from-hell:




    A cool interactive table to see each item and its status to date, you can click on the + sign on the left of each item and see the details.

  6. JB Says:

    More bad news: one of the rules they’re considering would explicitly exclude climate change as a risk factor for endangered species:


  7. Salle Says:

    And lest we forget the “burrowing” issue of appointees getting SES positions on Bush’s way out the door…


    I hope something can be done about this come Jan. or Feb.

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