Grizzlies feasting on gut piles getting too much lead?

Blood levels of toxic lead are elevated in grizzlies eating the remains of the hunt in the Greater Yellowstone-

Lead in grizzly blood during hunt season. Researcher wonders if preliminary results show a danger to bruins from hunters’ bullets. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Rocky Barker: Goodbye Larry Craig, Bill Sali, Gordon Smith. Hello salmon solution?

Pacific NW political retirement and defeats may break 20-year logjam on saving the salmon-

Rocky Barker points out that the election outcome may have removed the obstacles to the conservationists’ solution of the sorry condition of salmon runs into Idaho, but breaching the navigation dams on the lower Snake River in Washington is still far from certain.

Election sets the stage for regional forum on salmon and dams
. By Rocky Barker. “Letters from the West.” Idaho Statesman.