Democrat Minnick ousts whackadoo Republican incumbent in Idaho’s first congressional district

Silly Sali goes down-

Walt Minnick has served on the Board of the The Wilderness Society.

Minnick was elected to Congress yesterday with a big Republican crossover who were embarrassed and fed up with “The Idiot.”

Minnick was at one time a CEO of wood-products company Trus Joist International. That might worry people, but at that time he was one of the first woods product leaders who said the Forest Service did the industry and America no service by selling sub-marginal timber at a loss to the taxpayers to keep mills alive in places they never should have been built. His statements and activity on this helped a lot bringing down these environmentally ruinous timber sales.

Minnick will probably tend toward the “let join hands and talk (with people who don’t want to talk with you and vice versa)” viewpoint; but Sali was offensive in so many ways, I celebrate.

Note: “That idiot [Sali] is a real idiot,” the phrase that has been following Sali around, was uttered by the Idaho State Speaker of the House, a typical conservative Republican.

Story in the Idaho Statesman. Minnick defeats Sali in 1st Congressional District. John Miller. Idaho Statesman

. . . and a bit more on Silly Sali . . . Democrat Minnick Wins Idaho’s First District, Sali Refuses to Concede Minnick 51%, Sali 49% with all precincts in, but Sali says he’ll wait “until things turn out” before conceding. By Jill Kuraitis. New West. Note. Sali finally conceded that he lost.

New. More on Minnick beats Sali. Idaho: Change in Congressional District 1? by Randy Stapilus.

Idaho Bi-weekly wolf report Oct.18 – Nov. 3, 2008

Idaho’s Latest Wolf Bi-weekly-


To:  Idaho Fish and Game Staff and Cooperators
From:  IDFG Wolf Program Coordinator, Steve Nadeau
Subject: Status of Gray Wolf Management, Weeks of October 18- Nov 3, 2008.

Delisting: FWS – Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Status (WY, MT, ID): The U.S. Federal District Court in Missoula, Montana, issued a preliminary injunction on Friday, July 18, 2008, that immediately reinstated temporary Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the northern Rocky Mountain DPS pending

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