Enviro Group Expands Palin Wolf-Hunting Policy Ad Buy

Defenders raises a million dollars for more of the ad on Palin’s wolf hunting policy-

From the Washington Post. By Juliet Eilperin. Enviro Group Expands Palin Wolf-Hunting Policy Ad Buy

I notice it is slightly modified from the previous ad.

3 Responses to “Enviro Group Expands Palin Wolf-Hunting Policy Ad Buy”

  1. April Clauson Says:

    WOW, that is great well worth the money spent on the video ad, to play it tonight close to the debate, is priceless!!! I am so glad to read comments on the article that are more positive than negative too. I believe this will help with Alaska changing this law, and help the Dem’s get a few hundred thousand more vote we may have not gotten!!!

  2. Peter Kiermeir Says:

    Here in Europe, the Lady already provides material for satyrical cartoons. This week the “Stern”, one of the largerst german weekly magazines, shows a sequence of transforming her into a Pitbull: “The only difference between me and a Pitbull is my lipstick”.

  3. John Says:

    When it comes to a choice between Sarah and a Pitbull… I much prefer to have the company of the Pitbull.

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